A school for spectators

Artistic initiatives

Transmission: we believe in the emancipating effect of dance that is done in connection with others, even if it is above all the pleasure of discovering an artistic practice and developing one’s imagination.

We like to integrate these artistic actions to our creative process, to our reflections, and to our physical and choreographic research.

The forms of these meetings are multiple, and are constantly reinvented according to the contexts in complicity with the partner theaters, and with the sincere desire to participate in the sensitive opening and the curiosity of the spectators of today and tomorrow.

Christian & François Ben Aïm



Setting up unique gatherings, cultivating curiosity for other aesthetics, and communicating their passion for dance to all audiences, initiated and uninitiated alike, constitute the foundation of Christian and François Ben Aïm’s involvement.

The presentation of the company’s creations is always an opportunity to reach out to the public in various ways.

Their ambition is to develop an artistic and cultural dynamic around the artistic project and the shows presented by the company in the different territories concerned.

Through these encounters, the company wishes to consolidate and develop audiences, to cross generations, collective and individual histories and to be able to exchange on the possible links with the artistic proposals.

These renewed encounters forge a reciprocal knowledge, and can leave a lasting impression.

Christian and François Ben Aïm particularly like to implement this approach on a territory, within the framework of long residencies, making it possible to establish a complicit and perennial relationship.

These moments are created and imagined under various forms, usual proposals of choreographic workshops meet with more improbable encounters, very often set up with the complicity of partner theaters.