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We have always approached dance with freedom. By crossing disciplines, by exploring radically different universes, by moving from small pieces to large formats, from bare stages to architecturally designed stages, by working on the imaginary as well as on pure form and abstraction. With each creation, we confidently enter a completely unknown land. We draw this confidence from our insatiable desire to explore.

Christian & François Ben Aïm

Christian and François Ben Aïm are regularly invited to propose itinerant forms, to create choreographic impromptus in situ, by investing public or private places not dedicated to dance. Dance adapted to a singular space, both indoors and outdoors, is an integral part of their artistic approach.

Thus, alongside their creations, they also participate in the elaboration of custom events in France and internationally, which deploy bizarre forms at the crossroads: they succeed in putting dance at the service of the spectacular, thanks to their subtle sense of stage and direction.

They join forces for large-scale events or more intimate evenings, sponsored by private or public organizations. The challenge? To be able to meet the requirements of a set of specifications in order to produce tailor-made shows, sometimes bringing together more than 50 performers on the other side of the world.

Each time, they rely on specialist and virtuoso artists and position themselves as directors and federators of talent to better meet the ambitions of the most diverse projects.

Invention, mixed arts, poetic energy
  • To realize daring performances
  • Create unusual events by mixing all arts.
  • To make people dream together, to create memorable events

Dossier and appointment on request: administration@cfbenaim.com


Dream & metamorphosis
3 impromptus from 3 pieces of the repertoire L’Ogresse des archives et son chien, Louves and Bird
Location: Orangerie du Parc de Sceaux on June 19, 2021
With : Christian Ben Aïm, François Ben Aïm, Mélodie Gonzalès (dance), Paolo Locci (circus)

Mangrove groove
Permanent show
Provider: ECA2
Location: Shenzhen – China
Choreographic show for 50 dancers and acrobats

The 4 seasons of love
Gala dinner for the Chinese company Amway
Provider : eca2
Location : Versailles exhibition center
Choreographic show around the theme of Paris and the 4 seasons, for 34 dancers and acrobats

Vacheron Constantin
Anniversary evening for the 250th anniversary of the brand
Provider : MV production
Location : the Sorbonne – Paris
Choreographic interludes during the gala dinner for 5 dancers

Press launch of the Spring Drive / Seiko watch
Provider: Esprit de Luxe
Place : Musée d’Orsay
Choreography with 4 dancers to illustrate each of the product’s qualities

The mysteries of the Kube
Production combining human performance with image technology to offer a new kind of live show, the first show including live music at the Futuroscope
Provider: Mu – Events company
Location: Futuroscope park
Choreography of 20 minutes with 4 teams of 3 dancers-acrobats

Pfizer Symposium – Neuropathic pain
Provider: curtain raiser
Location: Christofle Museum Paris – Saint-Denis
Choreographic tableaux with 6 dancers on stage to illustrate the theme of the symposium

Show Dance – Renault network convention
Provider: curtain raiser
Place : Euroexpo, Lyon
Choreographic and multimedia interlude, for 1 dancer in interaction with the mapping