Hurleurs de Pagaille – L’Équipé·e Festival

Hurleurs de Pagaille – L’Équipé·e Festival

At the invitation of Laëtitia Guédon and as part of the Festival L’Équipé.e, Christian & François will present in duet, the textual and danced performance “Hurleurs de pagaille”, from the text of Joséphine Serre, written for the occasion, on the theme of “the child”.

Interpreters Christian & François Ben Aïm
Text Joséphine Serre
A playful or cosmic child, an astonished parent, a helpless one… In the form of fragmentary scenes, windows open on brief portraits of existences. In the end, wouldn’t children be wizards? Poets? Dancers of joy and solitude? Screamers of chaos and melancholy?

Friday, March 10 at 8pm and Sunday, March 12 at 7:30pm
Sunday March 12 from 2:30 pm – INTEGRAL of the 6 plays

The Festival l’Équipé.e is an initiative of the Plateaux Sauvages and the Théâtre Gérard Philipe, CDN of Saint-Denis.
We look forward to seeing you on this occasion to discover the richness of the various unusual projects:
6 unpublished texts by Joséphine Serre and Claudine Galea for 6 different performers and creators!

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