“VERTIGO” will be premiered at the Oaxaca Performance and Healing Arts Festival

The result of the artistic residency of dancers Rosario Ordóñez, Oaxaca; Abdiel Villaseñor and Toto Hurtado, Morelia, with choreographer Christian Ben Aim, France, arrives today at Teatro Juárez. “Vertigo” will be the piece that will have a double performance this Tuesday, November 7 and Wednesday, November 8, as part of the first Festival of Dance and Healing of the City of Oaxaca.
In an interview, the dancers of this piece, for the Vangelis Dance Company, Greece, tell us about the residency, this festival and their desires.

-What has this process been like over the course of three weeks?
-There are things that I think are important about this festival, first of all: the platform, because it is a format that is not very common in Mexico, that a festival summons a Mexican cast to work with a foreign choreographer.
“This has given us the possibility to exchange knowledge and experiences, as well as to place ourselves in a question of community, of guild and to recognize each other in a creative process of short time, because three weeks is very little time to create a piece, but in a context and professional conditions it is achieved to have results.

“It is very important that this process takes place in the context and environment of Oaxaca. As a dancer I am crossed by two things: the invitation of the choreographer to look from where he is looking at the world; and the other, the invitation to place oneself on the side of the other two performers Rosario and Toto, as the bodies that are agreeing the piece.
“That, in the context of breathing, feeling and dawning in Oaxaca, in a space like Invernadero Danza is completely atypical in Mexico, because it is also a space that shelters and encourages, in which you feel like family immediately, that’s why it seems important to me to talk about territory, because we are many Mexicans and being in Oaxaca, I recognize those many Mexicans that we are through the party,” shares Abdiel Villaseñor.

-How have you felt in this residency?
-I didn’t know Chris’ work and I decided not to investigate it. I wanted to come as a virgin to work with Chris and give that vote of confidence. Also, I was excited that I know Rosario Ordóñez and the proposal to be the three of us together on stage was incredible, because I admire them a lot and because it’s amazing to be able to dance together. “I am grateful that Rosario Ordóñez has opened the doors of her home, of her heart, and confirms once again how the creative processes beyond creating works, create families and communities; I think that for me personally is what I like most about doing dance,” says Toto Hurtado.

-How has the process of “Vertigo” been for you?
-I’ve always thought that doing projects is a pretext to be with friends, because you end up inviting and trusting your friends and it’s about how we are relating to people, because not only do you share lifestyles, dance styles, ways of thinking, heart, spirit, it’s trusting family that it’s going to turn out amazing.
“And it’s always like that for me, my personal life and my dance life are very connected; I don’t separate them at all and I don’t have to because that’s the way it has to be. One is part of everything; about this piece by Christian, Vertigo, I really like his way of looking at life, you know? I also consider that Christian works from contradiction and I myself am very contradictory. I think it is very nice to show it.

“From the choreographer I like his aesthetic vision. I am very happy with Christian. I feel that there are still details that we are going to fine-tune today and tomorrow before presenting it in the theater, but I think it’s there and I think we feel very connected, very, very much inside the piece,” shares Rosario Ordóñez, dancer and producer of the festival.

“Vértigo” will have two performances today and tomorrow at the Juárez, as part of the first Festival de Danza y Sanación de la Ciudad de Oaxaca; tickets at the box office.

Credits : CFB 451

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