The company continues to meet new audiences! Over hill and dale, discovering new horizons, in all artistic fields – creation, repertory, workshops, artistic actions, research laboratories – new bridges are being built to further weave this complicit and human bond through dance.

Today, a creation for a trio premieres in Mexico, and the solo Snapshots #3 – Alex Blondeau is presented as part of the Oaxaca City Dance and Healing Arts Festival.

In France, the ALL IN JEST team is gearing up for the first performance of the season at the Nouveau Relax in Chaumont, as well as for the facetious  Invisibles Dances performance in Suresnes.

The company will also be present in the Suresnes area on a number of occasions over the next two seasons, as Christian and François Ben Aïm are associate artists of the Théâtre de Suresnes Jean Vilar in partnership with the Conservatoire de Suresnes


Creation, encounters and artistic exchanges are on the agenda for this Mexican sojourn. After inviting the piece Arise to San Luis Potosi in 2022, Unity Space – Vangelis Legakis invites Christian Ben Aïm to create a piece for a trio of Mexican dancers, as part of the OCPHAF Festival in Oaxaca.

The solo Snapshots #3 – Alex Blondeau will also be programmed as part of the festival, alongside works by other international companies. A workshop led by Alex Blondeau will also be offered to dancers attending the festival, enabling them to discover the writing of Christian & François Ben Aïm.


Vertigo of knowing, of believing, of losing one’s memory,
Vertigo of feeling, of loving, of finally being oneself,
Vertigo of losing one’s strength,
Vertigo in the face of the world’s violence
Vertigo, a whirlwind of desire and recklessness.
Vertigo of feeling alive.

Vertige de se sentir vivant.


Choreography Christian Ben Aïm ; Performers Rosario Ordoñez Fuentes, Toto Hurtado, Abdiel Villaseñor ; Composer Miguel Angel Frausto ; Commision Vangelis Legakis ; Production Unity Space in partnership with Invernadero Danza


© CFB 451


Two ideas drive this part of the Instantanés series of female solos: the expression oiseau de nuit (night bird), with all the imagination it conjures up; and the association of the word nuit with that of disappearance, night seen as a metaphorical space to express absence, and also the moment when we can joyfully (re)invite the absent.

Choreography Christian Ben Aïm ; Performer Alex Blondeau ; Light design Laurent Patissier ; Composer Nicolas Deutsch ; Bryce Dessner  – Ornament 3 par Vanessa Wagner  / Michelle Gurevich – Party Girl ; Costume design Maud Heintz


© Patrick Berger


Following the presentation of ALL IN JEST at the 32nd Suresnes Cités Danse Festival, Christian & François have become associate artists of the Théâtre de Suresnes Jean Vilar and the Conservatoire de Suresnes for the 23-24 and 24-25 seasons. As part of this program, several pieces from the repertoire will be presented, and the company will meet with Suresnes and local audiences on a number of occasions.
Many thanks to Carolyn Occelli, Rosine Dupuy and the teams at Théâtre Vilar and Conservatoire Suresnes for their trust and support in our upcoming projects!

Danses Invisibles


The purpose of these invisible dances is to intrude into the public space and its everyday life, where we least expect it. Using dance movement to invite a new relationship with the reality of the present environment and the people who live in it, they poetically shake up the ordinary, opening up gaps in reality to enrich its possibilities.

9 December – surprise location, Conservatoire de Suresnes season (92)

Bird !


Accompanied by musician Malik Soarès, Christian Ben Aïm takes us into his thoughts, his dreams, his cinema, his daily life. A surprisingly poetic journey, combining dance, music and video. A colorful flight!

28 January – Cinema Le Capitole, Festival du Film Musical, Conservatoire de Suresnes season (92)


A sensitive, poetic piece inspired by the photographic universe of Josef Koudelka. As if taken from his chiaroscuro shots, three men tested by life journey through their memories. The roughness of their gestures is softened by the music of Leonard Cohen, to powerfully evoke the beauty of fraternal bonds, and the harshness and melancholy of exile.

31 January and 1 February, 20:30pm – Festival Suresnes Cités Danse, Théâtre de Suresnes (92)


The choreographers’ universe blends with the singular imagination of Mélusine Thiry, author, illustrator and video artist. The set design and videos create a poetic journey between virtual images and moving bodies, immersing the spectator in a sensitive and singular world: that of Racine, a little boy who escapes into the forest that has grown on his head!

3 March, 4pm and 4 March, 10am and 14:30pm – Théâtre de Suresnes (92)


This “impromptu” for three dancers and two musicians offers a unique, magical moment when music and dance meet in an improvised dialogue.

In a perpetual discovery of what is created in the moment, over notes and movements, by resonance, linkage and poetic friction. A joint exploration by Christian & François Ben Aïm, Thibaut Eiferman, Jean-Marie Machado & Christophe Marguet.

15 June, 7pm – Terrasse Fécheray, Conservatoire de Suresnes season (92)

© Patrick Berger – Ô my brother!, The dense forest, Vibrations ; Patrick Danino – Bird! ; CFB 451 –  Invisibles Dances

© Patrick Berger

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