Created in 2021

ALL IN JEST is an exploration. A journey free of all preconceived ideas, in search of that which in itself can lead to smiles – without thought, discourse or imagination being called upon. Only the body and its movement come into play here.

This purely formal search for the laughable gesture immediately raises the question of the norm and the difference: an aesthetic question, but also a social and philosophical one, since it brings into play our representations of what is normal and what we, the group, can tolerate as difference.

The small community of the strange gathered on the stage thus questions the meaning we give to our existence. Wandering in a world whose logic is shifted and reversed, these offbeat characters carry out acts whose stakes escape us. But they do so with a form of certainty – either that these acts have a purpose, or that their authors are not looking for any other than the fact of being there, and of living all the possibilities of this present.

To be in the world without imagining that we master it.

Véronique SternbergDramaturgy collaborator

ALL IN JEST, La Terrasse

ALL IN JEST, La Terrasse

With ALL IN JEST, Christian and François Ben Aïm sign a jewel of absurd choreography that lets us glimpse the beauty of our differences. As a preamble, the Ben Aïm…

1920 1180 Compagnie Christian et François Ben Aïm
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