The Senseless Community

Short form created in 2019

In relation to the piece ALL IN JEST, Christian and François Ben Aïm have imagined a short form, directly inspired by the piece, which can leave the theater and rub shoulders with all types of spaces.

This impromptu is the fruit of a double desire: to always widen the territory of dance to new audiences and to keep very active the games and themes that preside over the piece, the game of the unpredictable, the relationship to the moment, and the constant adaptation to the environment.

As with ALL IN JEST, the choreographers explore the burlesque register in this artistic work where the unusual is combined with the undisciplined, proposing a daring and salutary step aside. The writing around the trio explores the notions of letting go, of letting go, and the physical qualities that characterize them.

Thanks to the physical availability of the performers and the subtle balance of its writing, Marche rond, tourne droit ! has won over new followers in the ALL IN JEST community of the absurd.

This reflection finds its origin in the sketch presented to the Geste(s) group during which the choreographers were awarded the 2020 prize. Below is an excerpt from the presentation.

Cover © Jonathan Daniel Pryce; Image gallery © Patrick Berger © Hugo Santos

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