Created in 2019

A common exploration: christian & françois ben aïm, jean-marie machado & christophe marguet, thibaut eiferman

From their meeting at the Centre des bords de Marne and their respective discoveries, the desire to cross artistic experiences was born. During their exchanges, the reflection on instantaneous composition led to this musical and dance adventure.

This is a performance imbued with poetry that draws its stakes from mutual listening, the present moment and the permanent dialogue between music and dance.

This “impromptu” for three dancers and two musicians offers a magical and unique moment, an astonishing and explosive interlude, a perpetual discovery of what can be created in the course of the imagination and the unfolding of theatrical events, through resonance, sequencing and poetic friction.

In the sharing of the organic energy of their dance, with the physicality of the music accentuating the perception of the moment, the communicative pleasure of the artists towards the audience is born, constantly taken to an unexpected place.

This stripped down, immediate performance creates a strong sense of suspense and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. The play is exhilarating because of the risk and challenge that are palpable at all times, which sublimates the audience’s feeling of freedom. The effect of surprise is endless; it is savoured and fulfilled through the exploration of the pure present.

Our way of living and sharing dance is based on this idea of passage. To take a step is to deviate from oneself and to take the risk of the new.

Christian et François Ben Aïm

Today, I have moved towards a music that is my truth, that I have constructed sensation after sensation, emotion after emotion. This music moves through several interlocking idioms, as close as possible to my creative instincts, freeing me from an aesthetic family.

Jean-Marie Machado

Below is a short extract from the performance proposed by Christian and François to celebrate their three-year residency at the Centre des Bords de Marne, a time chosen to see the culmination of rich artistic collaborations, in particular with Jean-Marie Machado.

Upcoming dates
15 Jun 2024

Terrasse Fécheray à Suresnes, Saison du Conservatoire de Suresnes (92)