Tender anger

2025 Creation

Tender anger will be a utopian manifesto, a dancing chimera, a remedy for melancholy, a thumbing of the nose at rage and perdition.
An animal piece full of fury and tenderness, giving way to instinct and the pack.
A current of collective, restorative momentum, a viral, vital energy.
The enthusiasm, brimming with commitment and absurdity, of a Don Quixote on the run…
By collectively exploring states of “out-of-self”, the contours of an intelligence of non-mastery take shape.
An answer to the madness of the world?

– Christian & François Ben Aïm

© Laurence Vasselin / Patrick Berger

All audiences
10 dancers

Dance performance Eva Assayas, Jamil Attar, Johan Bichot, Alex Blondeau, Rosanne Briens, Chiara Corbetta, Andrea Givanovitch, Jeremy Kouyoumdjian, Andréa Moufounda, Emilio Urbina
Musical composition Patrick de Oliveira
Lighting design Laurent Patissier
Dramaturgic eye Véronique Sternberg
Stage management Stéphane Holvêque

Artistic file on demand: tournees@cfbenaim.com

The next creation will be based on the experience of a void; a point where willpower wavers, where control is lost. Part of a cycle of research into “intranquillity” begun with the previous piece ALL IN JEST, it will question those suspended times when human beings can feel they are stepping outside themselves, in the opposite forms of abandonment (ecstasy, intoxication, trance…) and outburst (anger, rage, fury…).

Rigorously committed to writing about sensation, the piece will nonetheless open up to wider issues. The point of vacillation from which our research begins lies at the center of a chain reaction, with the world as origin, the “out-of-self” as reaction and the group as response – inspired or chimerical. The smiling derision of ALL IN JEST will continue to accompany the choreographers, coloring the epic tableaux of collective outbursts on stage.
A second-degree Raft of the Medusa

© Lee Jeffries

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