The Lightness of Storm

Created in 2014

In this creation, Christian and François Ben Aïm focus on this boundless energy, this driving force that is desire.

In what states does this permanent aspiration plunge us? How does desire interfere in our slightest gestures and movements? What relationships does it invite us to have with others? What unconscious or invisible world are we the thinking puppets of?

Three cellists and a singer accompany four dancers on stage to deliver with greed the sensations and contrasts that this vital breath arouses. In an organic and embodied dance, tension and relaxation, fall and imbalance, softness and violence collide.

La légèreté des tempêtes (The lightness of storms) is the calm in the tornado, the agitation hidden behind the peaceful appearance of our daily lives, the revealed expression of our inner vibration.

© Frédéric Lovino

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