Bird / You’re a bird, now!

Resumed in 2018 / Created in 2007

Take me the nights, may they be sweet and delicious
A few stars sitting
Eyes closed running at low tide
I breathe the ocean, cradle a sweet blaze,
Warrior before eternity
I saw the sea my angel and the cliffs jumped

Accompanied by the musician Malik Soarès, Christian Ben Aïm takes us into his thoughts, his dreams, and makes his own cinema by dynamiting his daily life. A surprising poetic journey where dance, music and video are mixed. A colorful flight!

For two years now, the solo Bird has been a dynamic and participative revival, a condensed and light proposal of the initial creation, You are a bird, now!

The test of time has shown, over the course of the performances, that this travelling and modular theater piece adapts perfectly to singular locations such as apartments, homes or other original sites of reduced capacity, on various occasions and in diverse settings. Outside theaters, this production finds a privileged echo in educational and social places and for audiences distant from cultural events.

You’re a bird, now!

© DR


© Patrick Berger

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